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Midwest Japanese Gardens designs and builds unique Japanese-influenced gardens, fences & gates, water features, and patios & stonework for your home or business. Based in Madison, WI we create a lasting and sustainable sanctuary for you. 

We are a specialized, boutique company with the ability to accommodate one to three projects each year. We are available for 1-3 large projects and a handful of smaller projects for the 2023 season.


John Mathews started landscaping and gardening professionally in 1982. As a team member of a Madison high-end landscaping/ garden maintenance company he has designed and worked on some of the most talked about and awarded gardens in Madison. 

Man in Blue shirt and Sun hat, wearing silver aviator sunglasses
Man in blue t-shirt, wearing a sunhat and silver, aviator sunglasses. He is sitting on a rock path

John Mathews


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